All participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with Chinese and International Companies from other countries, to name but a few: Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Asia etc. 

We are also pleased to advise that the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism will accept from interested companies applications for subsidy up to 50%, for agricultural, services and industrial companies. The applications will need to be submitted latest by 27 October 2014 at the Ministry.  

For more information please visit the below sites. Application forms are available only in Greek:

Agricultural Products  http://www.mcit.gov.cy/mcit/trade/ts.nsf/All/BD3189B1E20F1097C2257BE10030AD77?OpenDocument

Services http://www.mcit.gov.cy/mcit/trade/ts.nsf/All/B22B2EC190C05B3FC2257D4A002A7B87?OpenDocument

Industrial Products  http://www.mcit.gov.cy/mcit/trade/ts.nsf/All/4E8FA0677FF59D0542257C7F003C48C7?OpenDocument